I reside in East London and work as an art assistant on film and commercials. To this role I bring a myriad of skills that I utilise both on and off set. To find work I'm involved in, see my commercial work page and art department page more specifically for personal creative work, showcasing my range of creative based skills.


If you'd like to reach out to me with any questions, my details are below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Work Credits

Assistant Art Director

'Stay Free' | Ntropic | Pd. Noah Demeuldre


Art Assistant  

'Quickbooks' | Blink Productions | Pd. Olly Williams


Art Assistant

'Barbie Advert' | Barbie UK | Dir. Karen Cunningham



Art Director

'Many Things' | Music Video | ODINA | Dir. Tara Sood | Dop. Jack Worall


Props Assistant

'Flexible Sales' | Friend Productions | Cotswold Retail | Dir. Zhang + Knight | Dop. James Rhodes | Pd. Liz Kadhi 


Art Assistant

'Remarkable Bakers' | Blok Pictures | Dark Energy Films | Dir. Paul Casey | Dop. Richard Jobson


Art Assistant

'First Past the Post' | Blok Pictures | Art. Plan-B | Dir. Paul Casey | Dop. Richard Jobson


Art Assistant

'Top Deck' | Gaggle ltd | Top Deck | Pd. Jess Elcock | Dukes Island Studios | London


Art Assistant

'Wimbledon Identity Ad' | Chrome Productions | Wimbledon AELC | Putney London


Art Assistant

'Unbreakable (BP) Ad' | PSONA | Dir. Stewart Sugg | Pro. Tom Boden | Twickenham Studios ltd


WB Internship 

Warner Bros | De Lane Lea | Soho London


Art Assistant

'Sailor Jerry (France) Ad' | Tippl | Pd. Johnny Savage



Clear Cut Pictures | Soho and Bloomsbury | London



‘Can’t Lose’ (Music Video) | Dir. Koko Stoimenov | Artist. Benji Flow | Stuupid Productions



'Rebels Exhibition' | Dir. Rob Jelley | Hingston Studios | Barge House London



'Last Dates' (BBC Taster) | Dir. Ben Mallaby | Studio71 UK ltd | London


Commercial Work

Brief Bio

Short on time? (we all are).

If you want to briefly get to know me.

The headers summarise everything.

I'm from the country and grew up by the sea,

in a once Victorian holiday destination. It's not as lively or picturesque as the historic city of Canterbury, but it's a great place to grow up.

I started out making animations,

in school as a creative outlet. It was stop-motion, so a lot of clay and a webcam, allowed me to make videos. 

then photography and graphic design,

the art department had a dark room where I developed the black and white film I shot. I was also introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator and began an inevitable divergence into art-design.  

and lastly to non-digital crafts.

I was working more with practical crafts, namely screen printing and 3D modelling. My print lecturer also introduced me to bookmaking, a skill I am incredibly grateful to have picked up.

Several years traversing the topography of college.

Video and design interested me, but I didn't know how I could make a living out of it, so I went to study film and graphic design at the city college. It was at this point opportunities to showcase work and create installations came along. I started working with sound on several radio projects and with graphics in a student run commission based design studio.

I took a brief deviation from my career path.

I took a full time job in retail, but soon later realised that it wasn't satisfying or challenging enough. I wanted to work closer to what I loved doing, so took a gamble on further education, which made it feasible to move to London.

Living in London for study and work opportunities.

I enrolled on a practical filmmaking course in South London, where I connected with like minded friends, landed several internships and started commercial work as an art department assistant. Alongside this whilst studying I've developed my creative knowledge surrounding the art department as well as additional areas of interest and freelance.

I enjoy what I get to do. 

As briefly as possible, that's currently where I'm at. 

I'm based in East London working in art department and as a production assistant. Please peruse my ever developing art department pages for my personal work and see my work page for commercial content.

If you have any project ideas or other questions about me and what I do then please drop me a message. 

My details and CV are below.